3 Powerful Ways To Practice Mindfulness Throughout Your Day

3 Powerful Ways To Practice Mindfulness Throughout Your Day

Are you struggling with a lack of self-confidence, a feeling of unworthiness or an overall sense of not feeling happy with where you are at in your life? You may think that you need to make some major life changes to feel differently than you do now.

Or maybe, you’ve simply convinced yourself that feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied or powerless is your cross to bear, your destiny, or even your karma.

We couldn’t disagree more!

Hold tight if you think that what you are going through at this moment or what you have been going through for some time seems impossible to overcome or just flat out insurmountable. We’d like to shift your perspective on what it REALLY takes to make REAL and LASTING change in your life and that it can be easier than you think!

No, you don’t have to spend weeks, months or even years talking, praying, begging, or learning anything new to shift old patterns, mindsets, beliefs, or habits in order to create a fulfilling and joyful life. Change can happen in an instant, an hour, a day, a week a month, or several months. It all up to you.

Creating change that lasts and grows in new, unexpected and profound ways just takes a shift in your thinking, some consistency and knowing how to tap into the most powerful and transformative tool that you already possess – your emotional center.

We promise there is no more powerful tool of transformation than connecting a mindfulness practice to your emotional center. To get things moving in the right direction and to build some momentum towards the life you’ve dreamed of living you’re going to need to be aware, open, conscious, expectant and of course mindful.

Let’s get started with some new ways of how to look at and how to use mindfulness throughout the day and how it can literally change your life for the better.

This article is divided into six sections. To view any of the sections click on links below.


What is Mindfulness?


Typically, mindfulness is defined as, “the psychological process of bringing’s one attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and through other training.”

That is correct, but that is not the whole story of mindfulness.

At The Emotional Center, we believe that the true power of mindfulness and its ability to really bring joy, abundance, and happiness into your life depends on how you’re able to tap into your emotional center and connect it to your daily habits, routines, and actions of mindfulness.

In this article, we want to help you uncover the benefits of mindfulness and give 3 powerful and easy to do exercises that will carry you forward in new and unexpected ways.

Knowing the benefits of mindfulness and arming yourself with some exercises will help you create a mindful practice or routine of your own that you can use every day.

The Secret Power Behind Mindfulness


You can find all sorts of tips on how to be more mindful or how to get started with mindfulness, but let’s start at the beginning by looking at the force that makes mindfulness so powerful so that all those great tips and lists really make sense to your reasoning and your logical brain.

The power behind mindfulness is not really a “secret” but most people (or organizations) are somewhat hesitant to talk about the amazing force behind mindfulness because they are concerned that “you won’t be able to handle it.”

It will be too “Woohoo” for you.

That’s right, they’ve decided that you are not ready to know it so they leave it out or simply downplay its importance. At The Emotional Center, we feel that it’s critical for you to know that the powerful force that makes mindfulness the transformation tool that it is… is energy.

Mindful exercises work to the degree that you can tap into unseen energy or more specifically energy frequencies.

These frequencies are also known as vibrations.

When people use the term “vibration” and say that you need to “raise your vibration” in order to feel better, what they’re really talking about is tapping into or shifting yourself to a different frequency other than the one you are currently experiencing.

“Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even things that look solid are made up of vibration energy fields at the quantum level. This includes you.” You are an energy/spiritual being first and foremost who is having a physical experience.

And your emotional state is always mirroring back to you where you are at vibrationally, or energetically.

If you can understand how you are constantly playing in this vibrational field, or energy field, especially with the practice of mindfulness, then you will never look at your life again in the same way.

The Law of Attraction demonstrates clearly how the dynamics of frequencies/energy work in the sense that frequencies or vibrations that are similar in nature are continually being pulled towards one another.

Like attracts like.               

Once you understand and recognize how you are…

  • unconsciously or consciously using your own energy, and

·         how you essentially vibrate differently on different subject matters of your life,

then you can start to make minor tweaks which will bring you beneficial and recognizable results.

People who view the physical body as more powerful than their energetic or spiritual body typically have a harder time shifting their life conditions because they believe that physical action is the true way to get things accomplished. They attempt to change things mostly by using action, whether through physical actions, using more words, more thinking, more determination, more force, etc.

Of course, you can shift and change your life experiences by using only your physical abilities, it just takes longer and more effort to do so.

And the opposite is true with energy. It is much faster and easier to shift and influence.

How To Practice Mindfulness 3 Simple Techniques

Your Energy Signature


Every day you are in the constant state of creating yourself.

You are in a constant state of imagining, intending, and dreaming your way into being. And how you spend your time imagining, intending, and dreaming (in your awake state) creates your own unique energy signature.

This rich, unseen, inner world of yours manifests into your daily life by means of your words, your beliefs, your actions and what is happening around you.

Your inner world is continually being reflected back to you in your outer world.

If you haven’t been intentional or conscious on how you’ve been spending your time creating a deliberate energy signature that attracts happiness and joy, don’t worry. Your energy signature (your vibration) is not set in stone.

You can intentionally adjust your own vibration or energy set point whenever you wish.

By knowing how to use and adjust your own energy/vibration through some mindfulness exercises, you’ll be able to create a better relationship with…

  • yourself
  • your significant other
  • your friends and family
  • your kids
  • your co-workers
  • your boss
  • abundance
  • and much more!

A mindfulness practice can help you quickly and easily tap into energy or frequencies that allow you to raise your vibration and start the process of attracting differently on different subjects like relationships. 

At The Emotional Center, being aware of your own energy set point or your vibrational self  is only one part of a meaningful and effective daily mindful practice.

Let’s look at the second aspect of a successful mindful practice that will make it easy for you to know how you are doing and allow you to guide yourself  towards everything that you desire.


(FREE) 5 Day Emotional Habit Builder Audio Series

Discover where you’re currently at vibrationally and how your energy and emotions affect your daily manifestations.

The 2 Most Powerful Tools For Your Mindfulness Practice


Shifting your life in meaningful and lasting ways with mindfulness means, for us at The Emotional Center, that you understand that you have everything, right now, that you need to change your life in any which way you desire.  

You already possess 2 incredibly powerful tools that you can use intentionally to make “magic” happen;

  1.   Your Energy, which we discussed above, which is the most fundamental part of you from which everything arises and
  2.  Your Emotions

So why are your emotions such a powerful tool when it comes to the practice of your mindfulness throughout the day and in your life in general?

Your emotions are your internal guidance systems. That’s right, your own personal GPS.

Most of us were never taught that our emotions are more than just the feelings that we experience daily. It’s not your fault if you are just understanding that you have continual guidance to help you navigate this life. 

In the blog post How To Develop an Abundant Mindset, we saw just how your “family vibration” had such an impact on shaping your current vibration. However, you can use your own internal GPS system, your emotions, to guide yourself away from beliefs, attitudes, and actions that you picked up from your “family vibrational soup” that no longer serve you.

At The Emotional Center, we go into all aspects of our emotions and how they serve us so well in creating the joyous and happy life that we came here to live. In this article, we won’t get too deep into all the working of your emotions, but let’s see how you can use them in your mindful practice.

How do you know when you’re on track? How are you going to absolutely know if a  mindful practice is really working? Better yet, how are you going to know in general what is working for you in your life?

You will always know through your emotions!


Mindfulness and Your Emotions

Our past experiences of time are very subjective and are heavily influenced by our emotional state. Our fears and insecurities about the past and the future can make it challenging to fully enjoy the presentBut we can harness our emotions in positive ways to influence our present and our future and not be held hostage by past negative emotions and traumas.

Remember those vibrations that you are made up of?

Well, each of your emotions also carries its own specific vibration or frequency. They also have an energy signature of their own.

Why is this important?

If energies of similar nature are drawn towards each other, if like attracts like, then the emotions that you carry around daily are constantly influencing what you are drawing towards you whether you are conscious of it or not.

If you’re letting your past emotions of feeling unsafe, unworthy, or unloved vibrate in your present-day life, then law of attraction will bring your similar circumstances (frequencies) to support your emotional state.

Energy is moved by emotion.

You must be aware of the feelings you carry throughout the day. If not, you will not have any influence over the type of experiences that you draw towards yourself.

This is not to say that you are not going to experience unwanted events in your life. But those unwanted events don’t have to overtake your present-day life and continue to influence your future experiences. As well, they don’t need to last as long either.

Those unwanted experiences can also be seen differently depending on your vibrational orientation.

If your stance is, “this is how it is, this is how I feel and I can’t change that”, then be prepared to attract similar life experiences that support your emotional/vibrational state. There is no judgment in this, no good, nor bad.  Universal energy is always supporting you. It supports you in your vibration.

 The language of the universe is vibration.

It’s not responding to your words, your deeds, or your actions, it’s responding to your vibration. And your emotions mirror what vibrations you hold. A feeling of jealousy or anger indicates that you are not moving toward something wanted but towards something unwanted.

The only question is, are you going to be deliberate about your emotional/vibrational state so that the universe, or whatever name you call this force, can support you in the way that you really desire? What a practice of mindfulness really does is allow you to calm and suspend your thoughts which affects your emotional state.

Mindfulness creates the space so that your natural, high vibration of feeling good, can rise effortlessly.

That’s right! You were born as a high vibrational being that is supposed to feel good.

But if you’re allowing negative thoughts and emotions to rule your world then you won’t experience the vibrations of love and joy. Life feels joyless and difficult. It’s not a question of “making” your vibration rise, you must allow it to riseAll that is required by you is to create the space for this to happen.

You can do this by quieting your mind and thoughts in several ways. When you quiet your mind and your thoughts you will quiet a lot of your unwanted emotions.

The practice of mindfulness allows you to turn down the noise on negative, unwanted thoughts and emotions so that you can truly raise your vibration to a place of ease, calmness, openness, and lightheartedness.

A mindful practice creates a new vibrational set point of ease and allowing

This new emotional/vibrational vantage point now flows from you and to you. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, this new flow or current of energy begins to attract new experiences that must match this new feeling state you’re in.   

You can’t “act” your way to this new place, you must “feel” your way into it.

It only takes a little bit of mindfulness practice before you really start to feel what it is like to be truly you, truly present and truly alive. You will feel more at ease, calmer, more expectant, experiencing more satisfaction and more appreciation. Those feelings will deepen as you continue to practice daily.

The more you flex this new vibrational muscle, the stronger it becomes and the easier it becomes to get back in a desired state when you get off track.

And we’re not talking about taking months or years. You can feel the transformation start to happen immediately, little by little. Joy, happiness, love, and delight will start to find you more often, in diverse and unexpected ways on their own because of the time you spend cultivating this new set point.

You will begin to rendezvous with people, events, circumstances, thoughts, and ideas that support your new vibrational/emotional state. You may chalk these unexpected and welcomed events up to luck or coincidence, but luck or coincidence has nothing to do with what you are attracting.

By you taking the time to “feel” better, you’re sending out a signal of “more of the same please” and that is what you will start to experience.

That’s the magic of it all.

People who set intentions, create goals, do dream boards and do positive affirmations will often complain that these activities don’t work for them. That’s because it’s not your words or your actions that move energy, it’s your emotions.

You can repeat specific words of affirmation over and over and not see your life change very much. That’s because thoughts or words without emotion, whether it’s positive or negative, has little to no attraction power.

So, how do you know that you are on track with your mindfulness practice or with your life in general?

By the way you feel.

Let’s look at some mindfulness exercises that can get you feeling better today.


3 Powerful Mindful Exercises You Can Try Today


Meditating is an awesome way to create inner space and allow your energy or vibration to raise. But, having an effective mindful practice doesn’t mean that you need to sit meditating.  Although meditation is a quick way to get your energy back to where it is supposed to be, it’s not the only way.

The 3 mindful exercises below will help you raise your vibration and get your energy moving in ways that will please you.

Their purpose is to help you get you out of your own way.

Let your emotions guide you. If you feel at ease, calm, peaceful, interested, satisfied, happy, etc. while you’re doing them, then you’re on the right track.


Be Mindful of Your Thoughts Throughout Your Day

     1. Practice Mindful Thinking Throughout Your Day


Right now, where are you?

Are you thinking about something from your past or have you projected yourself into your future? If you’re focused on past events or future events and they feel good, that’s great. Remember, it’s emotion that moves energy and begins the process of attraction like we talked about above. Energy loves to move, and it loves to move into higher frequencies.

All we need to do is to give it the space to move.

If you feel good contemplating past or current memories and events, then try to hold these FEELINGS. Try to experience them again for at least 20 seconds. The more space you make for a positive emotion, the more momentum you’ll create around it.

Momentum is your friend.

If you are feeling bad thinking about past memories and events,  sit peacefully with them, no judgment allowed.

The more non-judgmental space you make for a negative emotion, the more momentum it will have to move into higher frequencies.

So, when is momentum not your friend?

When you are stuck on feelings from the past or the future that make you feel shame, guilt, fear, loneliness, disappointment, etc. These negative emotions also attract vibrations or energy of a similar nature.

In other words, the worse you feel, the worse you are going to feel. The better you feel, the better you’re going to feel.

You want to allow energy from negative emotions to flow as quickly as possible into higher vibrations, so they don’t create unwanted momentum toward lower vibrations.

We all know how it goes, once we jump down that rabbit hole of negativity we start to attract more of the same.

It happens to all of us, but there are ways out of that dark hole. One mindful exercise that a lot of people find very helpful is mindful talking.

Be Conscious of The Words You Speak

     2.  Practice Mindful Talking Throughout Your Day


 It’s worth being observant on how you’re communicating throughout the day with yourself and with others to see where your point of attraction is.

Try to be the observer throughout the day.

Notice not only the words you use but also the types of conversations you engage in.

If you notice that you spend time in negative conversations try to slowly refrain from those conversations that bring out feelings or anger, frustration, judgment, fear, etc.

Make the small effort to take yourself out of these conversations by either changing the subject or by excusing yourself from the conversation.

You want to pay close attention to how your words and your conversations make you feel.

It’s very hard to end up in a good place emotionally and vibrationally if you spend your time talking and conversing about all the things that are bothering you in your life or with the world in general.

You are no good to yourself or others if your emotional/vibrational set point is problem-based or fear-based.

In this state, it is very hard to attract solutions to problems, feel happiness, or hopeful. People can spend years focused on issues and problems and fail to attract any meaningful and life-changing solutions.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll never talk about upsetting topics again, it only means that when you get sure-footed in staying in a positive vibration that supports you, then you can move back into those topics but from a different perspective.

Pay attention to how you are feeling throughout your day

      3.  Practice Mindful Feeling Throughout Your Day


The nice thing about these three exercises is that they are all woven together. So, when you pay attention to one of them you will see clearly how the other two come into play.

Where you’re at vibrationally/emotionally is a very powerful state.

And the law of attraction is a powerful force that will continually pull to you things that match your current vibrational state.

The good news is that you can shift your vibration quite easily.

If you pay attention to the feelings that you carry throughout the day, you’ll notice that within a span of even a few hours your feelings and positive emotions can swing to negative emotions depending on the people you’re with or the circumstance that you’re in.

So, what should you do if you find yourself in a state where your energy has dipped and you’re not feeling as you wish?

Remember first that your true vibrational state is a high one. Meaning that you are supposed to feel good.

To get back to this “feeling good” state doesn’t take much, but it does require you to focus, be aware, and make a small effort.

The key in allowing your energy to move is to refrain from trying to fix it, or change it, or manipulate it. Allow it some space, without judgment, and then move on with your day.

This is where distraction becomes your best ally.

If you’re alone, you can distract yourself by listening to uplifting music, petting your dog or cat, going for a walk, or taking a nap. Do anything that you find enjoyable that takes your attention off what is bothering you. Think of distraction like an “energy reboot”.

If you’re with other people and you can’t do any of the above you can still find ways to discretely change the topic, excuse yourself from the situation or even refrain from the conversation into a more positive and proactive way.

With distraction, you are simply stopping the negative momentum that will continue if you don’t get off the topic. Things can go from bad to worse quickly if you’re not being mindful of what’s going on.

You aim is to find yourself some relief with the distraction.

This relief, or space from the issue at hand, will give you the opportunity to feel better. This space will allow for your vibration to raise naturally and your emotional state will improve.

When you allow your vibration to return to a normal, better feeling state, your current circumstance or problem that you are facing will look different. You may see a solution now that you couldn’t see before. You may find words or ideas that you didn’t have access to before.

Be mindful to the feelings and emotions that you are having in the present moment.

They are clear indicators of your point of attraction that you have right now.

 Be present in what you are thinking, in how you are speaking and how those two things make you feel.

If what you are thinking (and how you are speaking) is making you feel out of control, unworthy, scared, confused, anxious, critical, etc…, then make the effort to stop what you are doing.

Take a moment to acknowledge how you feel, make space for that energy without judgment, then decide that you want to feel better by putting your attention on things that bring you joy, happiness, ease, and/or satisfaction.

We know that when you make the small effort to shift how you feel, everything around you will shift as well.

Talk to yourself, be easy on yourself, and resist the urge to judge yourself for spending time in areas that don’t serve you. Find your own ways to feel better with some form of distraction.

Arm yourself with soothing thoughts and words when unsettling circumstances arise. Here are a few that you may find useful,

1.       I can choose to see this differently.

2.       I’m going to talk about this when I’m feeling better.

3.       I don’t need to solve this problem right now.

4.       I trust that things are always working out for me.

5.       Tomorrow will be a new day.

6.       I don’t have to figure all this out right now.

7.       When I feel better, things will look different.

8.       My natural state is to feel good.

9.       I’m going to stay in the present moment. My now matters.

10.   I am powerful with my words and my thoughts. They matter.

Your day can be made up of many wonderful and not so wonderful moments. However, you can influence your day and create more wonderful moments if you’re mindful about the thoughts you choose to think, how you speak and how you feel.

You have the power to create new, fresh and exciting experiences for yourself if you can use your emotional center as it is intended to be used – as your guidance system. Listen to it, pay attention to it and then decide on which direction you want to go – towards more of the same, or towards something different.

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