The Power Of You

Your Journey To Lasting Joy, Clarity, and Empowerment

“Everything is possible and everything is achievable if you know and understand what field you’re really playing in.” T. Jorgensen

I love my role as a coach and facilitator in helping people understand and manage their emotions in a new and profound ways . I see my students blossoming into these amazing lives when they understand the role that vibration plays in the emotions they experience. They use their new knowledge and experience to create proactively in their lives, rather than reactively through their emotions.

People have so much more control over what they create, experience and manifest than they realize. It’s really difficult to change your current state or circumstance if you use the standard tools of practice such as willpower, positive thinking, or traditional counseling and coaching.  Often, those tools don’t allow you to get below the surface of what’s really going on – and that’s where the power of your own vibration comes in.

You are infinitely more powerful than you imagine when you claim all the tools you were born with. We tend to look at ourselves as if we are only clumps of matter, and we live our lives by using and manipulating our matter – our brains and bodies.

 Here’s what you need to know: your physical body and brain power are nowhere near as powerful as your vibrational essence or how you use your vibration. There’s no amount of action, therapy or effort that can compensate for a person who doesn’t know their own vibrations and mis-uses their own powerful focus. 

That is really my job: to assist individuals in understanding their true nature  – that they are vibration first, physical matter second.  At The Emotional Center we’re able to help people align themselves with the pure, powerful, natural state that they came into this world with. Profound and lasting change does not take months or years when you know how to focus and create change at the root of every issue – which is always vibrational.

You really don’t have to  make big leaps in order to shift your vibrational and emotional state.  You don’t need to divorce your spouse, change your job, or abandon everything that you know. You simply need to shift the way that you see yourself, others, and the world around you. Transformation happens through a series of micro-shifts at the vibrational level. At The Emotional Center we facilitate these micro-shifts by helping you light up your awareness, and by teaching you powerful universal principles and techniques. You’ll soon discover that you can live and create your best life through your own emotional center.

Feedback & Reviews

My greatest takeaway is a permenant life changing perspective on what joy can be and how effortless it can be to achieve it , live it and spread it.  “

Shelley H.

British Columbia, Canada

“You will discover how to experience peace and joy no matter what your circumstance. This will naturally raise your vibration, which always results in more powerful manifestations.  “

Emily C.

North Carolina, USA

I have an appreciation now for all aspects of my being, the creative, inspirational and vibrational…which takes me on this incredible journey to experience life in the moment.  “

Susie D.

London, England

What Can We Do For You?

Once you learn the art and science of mastering your own vibrational essence you’ll never see life the same way ever again. Your experiences will be richer, more satisfying and a lot more fun.

Online Courses

The Emotional Center offers several online programs to help you achieve and accomplish any goal or milestone, large or small, that has frustrated or discouraged you in the past. Each of our online courses contains a series of modules that include audios, videos,  and text accompanied by simple activities set out in a easy to use format.

Training & Certification

After experiencing meaningful and lasting change with the tools and techniques used in our signature course, COURSE CORRECTIONS™, many of our students go on to further their knowledge in our Accelerated Shifts™ Self Mastery Program . The RESET™ Certification program is for those individuals looking to get certified in order to teach our methodology to their students and clients.

Success and Happiness Are Always An Option If You Have The Right Tools.

It’s never too late to live your best life. It’s never to late to become the creator of your own destiny. And, it’s never to late to drop all the frustration, disappointment and baggage that has been weighing you down for years.

You've Got This!

Your life is meant to have joy, happiness and fulfillment. It’s easier to achieve than you might imagine.

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