How To Make A Dream Board That Gets Results

The #1 Secret In How To Create A Vision Board That Gets Results

It seems so simple to put together an inspirational vision board that captures all of your dreams and hopes for the future. 

Vision board ideas and examples are easy to find but before you start to make a dream board of your own, make sure that you understand the number one reason why people don’t see any results with their vision boards.

If you start to make a dream board without understanding why and how they work, then you’re going to be frustrated and disappointed when you fail to see any real results.

Even if you’ve already created a vision board but failed to see any real change in your life, you can still harness its power by doing a few minor tweaks.

What is a vision board?

So what is a vision board?

First and foremost, a vision board is a tool that helps you focus. Throughout your lifetime, you’ve gathered ideas, hopes, and dreams that you wish to experience.

At a very young age, you began to envision your future dreams and goals. Some of your dreams and goals remained the same as you got older, and others shifted into new ideas and wishes as you’ve grown and changed.

All of us carry a bounty of dreams and hopes for our future, and it can be frustrating when they seem like they’re never going to manifest into our experience. So, the thinking goes like this,

“If I put images and words on a big piece of poster board and see those images and words daily, then I will attract those dreams and wishes quicker and easier. All that I need to do is focus on what I want.”

Well, that may work, but this is where your focus may work against you.

That’s right.

 Your vision board may be one of the reasons why you can’t seem to get any movement in creating better health, more abundance, attracting a new career, or building better relationships.

The Power of Vision Boards

Ok, so we know that a vision board can be a powerful manifesting tool because it helps us to focus. But it’s just that; it’s a tool.

Think of it literally like a tool that you’d see in your garage, like an electric drill. That electric drill is only going to work if it’s plugged into a power source. It needs a current of energy to be able to perform all the functions that you want it to.

Unlike the drill that needs to be plugged into a power source, you are always connected to a source of energy.

Some people call this source God, some call it Source, some call it their Inner Being, some call it Allah, some call it Universal Energy; the name really doesn’t matter.

That source of energy is always running through you; you can never be disconnected from it. But you can pinch yourself off from its continuous flow which is the equivalent to not plugging your drill. We’ll talk about how you pinch yourself off from this constant flow of energy later in this post.

When you allow this current of energy to be wide open in your life, you feel happy, positive, interested, curious, excited, joyous, peaceful, and you seem to achieve your goals and desires quickly.

If you’re not sure that that is true, think about the last time something manifested for you that delighted you. How were you feeling?

It’s doubtful that you were angry, stressed, anxious, furious, or depressed at the time. You were either feeling good, satisfied, happy, or interested, for example, when you attracted that pleasing experience.

 It’s common for people not to be aware of how they feel when something good or not so good shows up in their life. Really, take a moment and try to correlate the feeling you had before something you’d been thinking about or wanting showed up for you.

If the vision board is a tool that helps you to focus on what it is that you’d like to create in this life, then what’s the power source that makes that tool work?

That’s right. It’s you!

You are continually co-creating with Universal Energy, Source, God, or whatever name you like to give this force.  So then, why aren’t your dreams being fulfilled when you spend time focusing on what you want?

How is it that you’ve made a beautiful vision board, it’s got everything that matters to you on it, and yet nothing seems to be showing up in your experience?

And what’s even more frustrating is that your friends or family members don’t even use a vision board and they seem to get everything that they ever wanted.

What gives?

The success of your vision board and the power behind it depends on the amount of energy that you allow to flow through you.

The power of making a dream board

Creating A Vision Board That Actually Works

The number one reason why people can’t seem to get the law of attraction working for them and create a powerful vision board that gets results has everything to do with emotions.

You’re an energy/spiritual being having a physical experience.

If you think that it’s the other way around, then your life will be based on a lot of effort, hard work, force, and determination. People who believe that we are physical beings first usually are the ones that live by the motto, “If there’s no pain, there’s no gain.”

Why does it take more time, effort, and hard work to create things from physical action rather than through energy?

Because it’s much more difficult to make change happen through physical force and effort, you can’t physically force dreams to come true; you have to allow them to manifest. And the only way you can do that is by allowing your energy to flow unrestricted.

Of course, you also need inspired physical action as a key ingredient in creating a life of your dreams, but energy always trumps action. You can put in all the hard effort and work to achieve your goals but if you’re feeling the vibration of doubt and unworthiness, for example, emotions that pinch off the flow of energy you will always be working against yourself.

If you believe that you need to suffer and struggle to create the life of your dreams, and you see no results with all your efforts, in time, you may abandon your dreams and goals.

And since the brain craves logic and reason, it only follows that you’re going to need to tell yourself some story to rationalize and justify giving up on something so important.

All of us, at some point, have justified letting our dreams go by telling ourselves a story that makes abandoning them bearable:

You can probably continue to add to this list as well. We tell ourselves crazy things to justify where we are at in our lives.  If you’ve ever done this, you are not alone.

So why do we do this?

We do it because it helps ease our emotional pain and because we don’t know what else to do.

Let’s look at what you can do when the goals and dreams that you’ve put on your vision board are not manifesting in your life.

Practicing The Habit Of Feeling Good - How To Turn Things Around

Remember from above; emotions are the secret ingredient in making a vision board that gets results.

Emotions are the key.

They are your internal GPS that lets you know at every moment of your life how you are allowing your energy flow. You are ever in only one of two states; your current is wide open, or you’re pinching it off.

At The Emotional Center emotions are the fundamental part of our program because it’s emotions that move energy. Your feelings can open the floodgate to all things wanted or pinch off the flow keeping things just outside the gate doors.

Every emotion has its vibration or energy signature. Throughout the day, you may experience a wide variety of pleasant and not so pleasant emotions. We teach people how to build the habit of allowing and accepting their feelings. It’s a straightforward, simple, 3 step process which assists people in shifting their current emotional state and will enable them to be more open energetically. When your energy moves unrestricted, achieving dreams and goals happen quicker and with a lot less effort.

Most people are not very aware of how they’re feeling, or they get stuck in lower emotions. That’s why we also use The Emotional Scale to help people tune into and shift emotions.

The Emotional Scale is another mindful tool, like a vision board, that helps you become aware of where you are at emotionally so that you can then choose to shift to a better feeling emotion.

We have great success helping our clients get immediate emotional relief and open their energy flow when they use our Emotional Scale combined with our 3 Step Shifting Technique.

 If you want to learn more about how to shift your emotions with The Emotional Scale, you can access our free audio series, The 5 Day Vibrational Habit Builder.

So how do your emotions relate to your vision board?

Emotions have everything do with your vision board because emotion moves energy.

Then the question would follow, 

“How do emotions get in the way of manifesting what is on my vision board?”

To answer this question, let’s look at a vision board example and some vision board categories that you can include on your dream board.

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Vision Board Categories And Vision Board Ideas

Most vision boards that people make include several or all the categories below.

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Family Life and Relationships
  3. Career Goals
  4. Love Life
  5. Values
  6. Personal Development
  7. Travel
  8. Spiritual Development
  9. Wealth and Prosperity
  10. Community Goals

Let says that the five most important vision board categories that we want to focus on, for this vision board example, are:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Family Life and Relationships
  • Travel
  • Career Goals
  • Wealth and Prosperity

Vision Board Example

For this dream board example, under the category of family life and relationships, let’s say our goal is to become pregnant. We’ve been trying for some time, and it hasn’t happened yet. We feel a little desperate, frustrated, and even a bit jealous of our friends who had no problems conceiving.

To help us conceive, we’ve decided to make a vision board that will help us get more focused on things associated with pregnancy. We’ve chosen beautiful images related to babies, expecting, motherhood, and so on.

And here’s one section of our vision board that we created with our pregnancy images.

Perfect, right?

Well, that depends. This is where we need to be very aware of how these images make us feel.

At first, the images made us excited about our upcoming future of being a mother. But as time goes on, looking at these makes us feel let down, anxious and disappointed because we’re still not pregnant. However, we choose to ignore these feelings and tell ourselves that it will happen; all we have to do is be optimistic and to continue to focus and what we want.

On the other hand, when we look at our images for the categories of wealth, career goals, relationships, travel, and prosperity, we feel light, eager, hopeful, and playful. It doesn’t matter how many times we look at these images; they always make us feel good.

That’s the difference we need to pay attention to. What emotions are being activated in us when we’re looking at our images?

This is super important!

If any of the images that you’ve used on your vision board cause you to feel anything but ease, satisfaction, hopefulness, excitement, eagerness, happiness, playfulness, empowerment, optimism,  appreciation, or inspiration then you need to seriously think about replacing those images with ones that don’t cause you to split your energy.

Split energy is what causes people to pinch off their energy flow.

So, what is split energy?

Don't Make This Mistake With Your Vision Board

If you want something that you’ve put on your vision board and looking at it triggers doubt, skepticism, jealousy, feeling let down, anxiousness, desperation, powerlessness, disappointment, or loneliness, for example, then those images split your energy.

Splitting your energy is pinching of your current, your connection, that we talked about earlier.

The act of creation and creating things that you desire is a forward flow. Every time that you doubt your ability to have what you truly want, you pinch off that flow. In other words, you split your energy.

It’s like telling the universe, “Bring this thing to me.  But wait, I don’t deserve it.”

By going back and forth on any subject, it takes things a lot longer to manifest;  your thoughts of doubt and unworthiness trigger negative emotions which pinch off that flow of universal energy.

Not being able to manifest what you want is not a question of you being unworthy, unlucky, not talented enough, or not smart enough. It’s merely a matter of how you allow your energy to flow.

The universe always has you back, and it’s your job to line up your energy with that creative, intelligent force.

You do that by feeling good, being happy, being lighthearted, feeling eager, being satisfied with where you are at and eager for more, being expectant, being hopeful, being curious, feeling worthy, being appreciative, etc.

The whole point of a vision board is to help you practice feeling good. It’s a tool that should help you create a habit of feeling good. The vibration of feeling good, which is your natural state, allows your energy to flow freely. As a result, things that match your “vibration of feeling good” start to flow into your experience.

That is how the law of attraction works, all day every day, on your behalf.

How you feel about the things you want are the key to the success of your vision board.

Paying attention to how you feel is crucial to being a good manifestor. You can’t bounce back and forth emotionally on a subject without slowing down the process of creation. The number one secret on how to create a vision board that gets results is to be aware of your emotions.

The more often that you can stay in a vibrational state of feeling good, the more surprising results that you are going to see, guaranteed!

So, if you want to become pregnant, for example, and you’ve created some negative emotions around it because of the difficulty you’ve been having, then what do you do?

Stop focusing on it!

Yes, that’s right. Stop focusing on it.

By you trying to make “it” happen and ignoring how it REALLY makes you feel which is anxious, fearful, frustrated, humiliated, worthless, or helpless, you end up pinching off your flow of energy, and you keep that thing you want out of arms reach.

It doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen. But for it to come into your experience sooner rather than later, you’re going to have to find a way to allow you current to be more open.

That’s why we use a technique called “Allowing And Accepting” at The Emotional Center that you can learn more about here with our free 5 Day Vibrational Habit Builder. It helps open your current.

Vision boards are an excellent tool to help you to move energy in the direction that you desire. But you must be very aware how you’re moving that energy: if you feel good, you’re moving towards what you want; if you feel negative emotions you’re moving away from your goals, or only slowing them down.

So, if having baby images on your dream board splits your energy, even in the slightest bit, keep them off your board. You don’t have to focus on a baby to create one in your life.

 You want a baby because you believe it will be rewarding, amazing, fulfilling, and joyous. 

So put images on your board that triggers those emotions so that you can practice feeling those emotions more often.There are countless couples who gave up on getting pregnant and decided to adopt only to find themselves miraculously pregnant.

Yes, they stopped focusing on what wasn’t happening and their current opened up for them. They got excited and eager for another option, and energy began to move more freely. That’s not a miracle; that’s how energy works.

It’s not the image that helps you achieve your goals; it’s the feelings that you attach to those images that help you move the energy to bring them to you. You don’t have to have one baby image on your board at all.

How Your Emotions Move Energy

Vision boards, affirmations, or visualization techniques are not useful tools unless they trigger emotions.

Emotions move energy.

If you can stay in a more consistent state of feeling good, while you stay off topics that split your energy, then those subjects will start to transform into what you’re wanting. Everything in your life will be influenced by your “feeling good” state whether you are focused on them or not.

If you would like some help understanding your negative emotions, and you’d like to shift them into a better feeling place, then check out our free 5 Day Vibrational Habit Builder.

Each day of the habit builder includes short audios that will explain the nature of your emotions, their use and role in your life and how to shift them when you feel like you can’t seem to move through them.

Your emotions are your navigational system, your internal GPS.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

So, if you’re not sure about why you’re on the path that you’re on, or how to create something better for yourself check out our free audio series, The 5 Day Vibrational Habit Builder.

Now that we’re more aware of the role that our emotions play in helping us achieve our goals and dreams let’s look at our revised vision board and 10 Tips that can help you create a vision board or make your current vision board better.

vision board example feeling good

10 Tips For Making A Vision Board That Gets Results

1. Decide how achieving your goals and dreams will make you feel.

Remember, emotions move energy. The Universe doesn’t respond to your words; it responds to your vibration (how you feel). Choose words from the list below that describe how you want to feel now and in your future. You only want what you want because of how it will make you feel having it.

  • Playful
  • Proud
  • Satisfied
  • Eager
  • Thankful
  • Optimistic
  • Strong
  • Centered
  • Joyous
  • Curious
  • Interested
  • Successful
  • Creative
  • Powerful
  • Calm
  • Supported
  • Abundant
  • Happy
  • Confident
  • Valued
  • Hopeful
  • Open
  • Worthy
  • Balanced
  • Trusting
  • Loving
  • Peaceful
  • Flexible
  • Delighted
  • Lighthearted
  • Appreciative
  • Inspired
  • Free
  • Healthy
  • Excited
  • Blessed
  • Aware
  • Talented
  • Passionate
  • Content
  • Empowered
  • Loved
  • Resilient
  •  Fulfilled

2. Choose images for the following categories that only activate positive emotions in you.

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Family Life and Relationships
  3. Career Goals
  4. Love Life
  5. Your Values
  6. Personal Development
  7. Travel
  8. Spiritual Development
  9. Wealth and Prosperity
  10. Community Goals

3. Be more general and less specific when choosing your images and words.

For example, choosing images and placing text on your vision board that says, “I have $1,000,000” may cause you to split your energy. Meaning, it will activate a bit of doubt, or unworthiness.

What the $1,000,000 represents to you is abundance and freedom, so find images that trigger those emotions instead. You don’t have to have pictures of money to attract money.  Abundance includes so many beautiful things.

You can have an abundance of friends, laughter, free time, good health, good food, love, and so on. If money represents abundance, freedom, security, and happiness to you, find images that make you focus on those emotions, not actual dollars bills, then money will make its way into your life.

4. Be playful and light with your vision board

Think of it this way – the better you feel, the faster and more open your current is; the worse you feel, the slower your flow is, and the longer it takes to attract you vision board items.


5. Choose words and images that your mind believes you can achieve.

Once you get the hang of how manifesting works and you can stay more consistently in positive emotions, then you can tiptoe out of your comfort zone to focus on things that you didn’t think were possible before. 

6. Look at your vision board from time to time.

Don’t make this an activity of trying to make things happen. Let your vision board be your touchstone of creating positive emotions that attract positive experiences. Let it help you build the habit of feeling good as often as possible. 

7. Only share your dream board, or any goals or dreams for that matter, with others who are genuinely supportive of your creating a beautiful life.

Don’t let anyone’s doubt split your energy and throw you off track.

8. Don't put timelines or deadlines on when an event, a person, or a thing must show up in your life.

Things that you want will show up with perfect timing if you can get out of your way. Have some faith and trust.

9. Don't expect others to get or understand your dreams or goals

10. Allow yourself to feel those positive emotions now.

Don’t wait for things, events, or people to show up before you start to feel how you want to feel in the future. If you’re waiting for something to happen to feel a certain way, then you will be in a perpetual state of waiting. Remember, you’re the force that attracts things to you, and your emotions let you know in which direction you are traveling.

Your vision board can assist your efforts in creating amazing things for you to experience. Tap into your emotions and be surprised and delighted with the results.


If you can’t seem to find a way to get past certain negative emotions, grab our free 5-day audio series, The 5 Day Vibrational Habit Builder.


Even if you feel good most of the time, The 5 Day Habit Builder can help you take your manifesting skills to the next level.

Have fun creating and always, always be aware of how things truly make you feel.

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