How To Develop An Abundant Mindset

How To Develop An Abundant Mindset

Do you ever wonder if you’re on the right track? Psst…here’s what you need to know. One of the best, and we think only way, of developing an Abundant Mindset...

How to Develop an Abundant Mindset

Do you ever wonder if you’re on the right track?

Psst…here’s what you need to know.

One of the best, and we think only way, of developing an Abundant Mindset is know how to use your vibration.

That’s right. Your vibration.

Yes, you can intentional use your own vibration. And no, it’s never been a Secret!

As evolving humans, we’re always changing, always growing, always creating. We are powerful creators.

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We can’t help it! It’s part of being an organic, conscious, awake and aware being. If you’re reading this, you’re already a powerful creator, by default.

But! Many people don’t create with purpose and direction. Some people feel like they are a victim of circumstance. This blog post is about what happens when you start flexing your creative muscles.

If you’re not sure of how you’ve been using your creative muscles check out our Vibrational Emotional Scale.

It’s one tool that we use at The Emotional Center to help people create on purpose instead of by default. How you feel determines how you vibrate, which affects what you create. That’s a powerful thing to know!

Being mindful of where you are at emotionally and practicing daily mindfulness techniques are powerful tools of transformation.

Amazing things can happen when we take the wheel and start growing and changing on purpose.

We can always get more purposeful with our life-creating abilities. (In some ways, that’s the foundation of what we do at The Emotional Center.)

Developing an abundant mindset is one way of being in the driver’s seat, heading towards what you want.

An abundant mindset can shift the way you think and shift the way you feel. Most importantly, it can help support a shift in the vibrations that are the foundation of everything.

Energy and vibration always, always come first. Before we talk about anything else, let’s look at your current vibrations around living an abundant life.

Your Vibration Can Create Lack… or Abundance

It’s helpful to understand how our current vibrations create our current reality. Your emotions of stress and anxiety, for example, influence what you attract in your daily life.

You impact your own vibrations with your focus. It’s a constant feedback loop, which naturally amplifies, because energy follows focus.

This is why you get more of what you focus on. It’s the life-creation feedback loop in action.

If you focus on (thus vibrate) what you don’t have, you get more of that “not having” state – LACK.

If you focus on (and vibrate) what you do have, you get more of that “having” state – ABUNDANCE.

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Doesn’t it make sense then, that you want to develop your awareness and be more and more conscious of what you are literally vibrating into your current reality and into your future?

There are real benefits to accepting that we create our own life experience through our vibrations.

  • Being more aware means that our conscious minds are more cooperative. Our own thinking either supports us (consciously) or gets in our way (unconsciously.)
  • Who wants to live life as a victim? That’s no fun! At it’s worst, being a victim can result in real, long-term It’s much better, with awareness, to step into the powerful creator role.
  • Developing awareness and increasing understanding is a key step towards an abundant mindset. You can read the science here.
  • Being aware of your own vibrations and what they’re creating helps you model this for others, which is particularly important if you have children. We’ll talk more about this later in the post.

The Vibrations of an Abundant Mindset

There are two kinds of mindsets.

A fixed mindset believes that qualities such as talent, personality and intelligence are fixed for life, and don’t change. It’s easy to see how a fixed mindset would limit your possibilities.

A growth mindset believes that those same qualities (talent, intelligence, personality) can be developed, strengthened, and even changed. Again, it’s easy to see that an abundant mindset is a growth mindset, because it increases your possibilities.

You can read more about  fixed mindsets and growth mindsets here.

Let’s apply some emotional intelligence and check the vibration of each of these mindsets.

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(To check vibration, you’ll need a copy of our Emotional Scale, which you can download here.)

Vibrations of a Fixed Mindset

  • Vibrations on the lower half of the scale are constricted, heavier, and don’t feel good. Energy is slow and sluggish in the lower vibrations.
  • When energy is constricted or slow, there is less space for new opportunities and possibilities.
  • A fixed mindset will produce lower vibrations, and will create a reality of lower vibrations.

Vibrations of a Growth (Abundant) Mindset

  • Vibrations on the the upper half of the scale are more expansive, open, lighter, and they feel good.
  • Energy is faster and more flexible in the higher vibrations. When energy is open and light, there is much more space for new opportunities and possibilities.
  • Creativity, inspiration, and clarity live in the upper half of the scale. A growth mindset, such as the abundant mindset you’re developing right now, will produce these wonderful high vibrations.
  • The vibrations of an abundant mindset will produce a reality full of creativity, inspiration and clarity.

Ancestry DNA, Manifest Destiny, and Your Family

How much of your life is controlled by the past?

Does your ancestors DNA dictate your manifest destiny?

(Manifest destiny means an inevitable future.)

The future, including YOUR future, is a very fluid, organic, changing thing. Every current moment provides plenty of opportunity to form and re-form our future.

The DNA you got from your parents and ancestors does have a physical impact on you and your life.

However, the impact is not “fixed.”

There’s much you can do to shape, change, or mitigate the impact of your ancestry DNA.

DNA is the physical manifestation of family vibration. Small shifts at the vibrational level can open up opportunities for positive changes that your DNA might otherwise have limited.

Everything that has shaped and molded you has a unique vibrational component, and vibration is very open to change.

Your Family Vibration

Most of your current vibrations came from your family .(And most of your parent’s vibrations came from their parents, etc)

The personal vibrations that the vibration of your family strongly influences are about worthiness, other people, love, sex, all kinds of relationships, life in general… and yes, abundance.

Because your family vibration is a major influence on your abundance mindset, it’s worth having a close look at.

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Before we dive into family vibrations and your own abundance mindset, let’s talk for a moment about thoughts on past lives and reincarnation.

The Influence of Past Lives on Your Abundance Mindset

You may be surprised to hear that past lives, if you believe in them, have only the influence that you give them.

Past life vibrations are not passed down through generations in the way ancestral vibrations are. And they aren’t embedded in your DNA.

Any vibrational influence that past lives might have comes from your belief in them and the stories you tell about your past lives.

If you’re developing an abundant mind-set, check with the emotional scale. Make sure that any stories you tell are in line with the vibrations of an abundant mindset.

Family Vibrations and Your Abundance Mindset

You Were a Vibrational Sponge

When a baby is born into a family, the baby is a true sponge when it comes to vibrations.

The baby must harmonize with the vibrations of the family.

It’s a survival mechanism.

From way back in human history, a baby’s strongest chance for survival lies in harmonizing with the family. This happens on deep, vibrational levels.

(In truth, a baby probably begins harmonizing much earlier – even upon conception, certainly while growing inside the mother.)

What is most important is to realize is this: every human being is a vibrational sponge when they’re little.

As children grow, they’re busy lining up their energy with everyone in the family, including whatever predominant mindset there is on abundance.

How To Develop an Abundant Mindset

Depending on how awake and aware the family members are, the average of the family may be in the higher vibrations, or it may be in the lower vibrations.


Identifying a Family Vibration of Lack

When someone says “I’ve had this low vibration feeling for so long, I can’t remember life without it,” I know there’s a good chance that we’re dealing with a family vibration.

Sometimes a family vibration can be so big and so intense, it seems a bit crazy-making to the single individual experiencing it.

As an individual, there may not be an outward story in your life that matches the bigness of the vibration you’re experiencing.

When I see that kind of pattern at play within a family, I know that the vibration is generational. The vibration could be generations old.

How To Easily Develop An Abundant Mindset

Suppose your family, generations ago, experienced persecution and trauma in their homeland and immigrated to another country. Your family will, as a group, develop vibrational themes and responses to that event.

For example, one vibrational pattern may be that your family hoards valuables, compulsively saves and rarely spends money, because the world is unsafe and unpredictable.

This kind of vibration would definitely influence your vibration on abundance and your abundance mindset.

People end up living in realities and expressing vibrations that belong to an event that happened a long time ago.

(RELATED TRAINING: Stop carrying around past family vibrations that don’t serve you. Take The 5 Day Emotional Habit Builder.)

Changing a Vibration or Abundance Mindset That Came From Your Family

When we’re awake and aware enough to see a family vibration that we want to change, there are steps we can take:

  • Feel it within ourselves. Give it some time and attention.
  • Allow and accept that vibration or mindset as very human.
  • Allow and accept that at some time in the past, that vibration and mindset was appropriate.

It’s actually possible to soften enough within ourselves that an entire family vibration can ease into changing.

All of this can take place at a vibrational level, without a single word being uttered to family members.

Your light of awareness can work miracles.

How To Create An Abundant Mindset Quickly

When this kind of vibrational change takes place, it happens so softly, so easily, and without any outward drama at all, that the new vibrations just kind of slip into place.

To everyone involved, it feels appropriate, natural, and organic. It feels “meant to be.”

Other members of the family may not even notice the changes or remark on them.

Understanding how generational vibrations work is an important first step to allowing them to finally soften and flow.

That giant vibrational snowball that has impacted your life’s abundance? It can melt and begin to flow and change with ease when we shine our light of awareness on it.

You may not have known this: your very powerful light of awareness is like a switch that turns on energy flow.

Deep transformations can happen far more quickly and completely than you imagine.

The Secret and The Law of Attraction

The book The Secret (and The Law of Attraction) tells us something that is, at heart, very straightforward.

The wonderful Dr. Wayne Dyer summed it up in one simple quote: If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Mystics and enlightened teachers have known this for ages, and science is now catching up.

There’s very little question that we create our reality. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, humans  actually create their reality every millisecond of every day they’re alive.

Here’s a great article on the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto (Positivity Affects our Physical Reality) which really helps our conscious minds understand that our mindsets actively affect our reality.

Thoughts Become Things

In developing your abundance mindset, there’s definitely a place for positive thinking, happy thoughts, and affirmations. For some inspiration on this point, here’s some Inspirational Quotes on Thinking.

In the past, to increase my own abundance mindset, I have done things to deliberately increase my positive thoughts.

I developed thoughts of the day, I researched short inspirational quotes, and lived by motivational quotes.

But I also realized an important caveat: changing my thinking didn’t automatically shift my vibration.

So, to be even more effective, I did things that combined both my thoughts and my feelings/vibrations.

For example, I developed vision board rituals, in which I created collages that represented my new thinking, and how my new abundant mindset felt.

Thoughts become things – but only when our vibration is lined up as well.

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To shift your vibration, which is essential to developing a strong mindset of abundance, you’ll need to check your emotions.

Two Vibrational Keys to Your Success Formula

Abundance has a vibration.

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Abundance is not just money, but it can turn into money. It can help to ease the whole process of making money.

Lining up your vibration with your thoughts is a powerful success formula for your abundance mindset.

Use Your Powerful Focus

Remember that energy follows focus, and energy IS vibration.

  • Focus on what’s good in your life, right now. Notice how it feels to focus on what’s good. Check your emotional scale. Whatever feeling that is, you want to feel that feeling more often.
  • Focus on what’s working to your advantage, right now. Rave about what’s already going well. Notice how that feels, and do it often.
  • Focus on what you already have, right now. Talk about it often.
  • Use the powerful language of abundance, and stop speaking of what you don’t have.

(RELATED TRAINING: How is your focus or lack of it, keeping you from experiencing more joy and abundance? Build new pathways to the things you desire with The 5 Day Emotional/Vibrational Habit Builder.)

Make Peace With Always Wanting More

No matter how much you do or don’t have, no matter what your mindset is, it natural to always want more.

Desire is a built-in vibrational feature of being human. The vibration of desire is there to make sure we evolve and change and grow.

Ironically, people with abundant mindsets are constantly looking forward, towards more.

If this is you, you probably have a more abundant mindset than you think.

You can practice appreciating what you already have, while appreciating that you simultaneously want more. Balancing these two vibrations forms a solid foundation for your mindset of abundance.

To quote another famous character, may you live long and… prosper!

With light,


P.S. Check out how you’re resonating with abundance and happiness, with The 5 Day Emotional/Vibrational Habit Builder, and decide if you want to shift your vibration and create more wonderful things!

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