3 Unique Ways To Ease Anxiety and Stress

3 Unique Ways To Ease Anxiety And Stress

When you see “stress” through a vibrational lens, understanding deepens and relief comes...

3 Unique Ways to Ease Stress

At The Emotional Center, we look at everything through a vibrational lens.

When you see “stress” through a vibrational lens, understanding deepens and relief comes more quickly. 

Come along with us, you’ll learn more as you read.

Imagine you have a reality camera, and you look through it to see everything in your reality. 

Your reality camera is a part of you, you can’t help but see your reality through it!

Now imagine that you can put in a special lens that makes everything transparent, so that you can see the energy behind whatever you look at. 

Pretend that you can see the energy that underpins and holds everything in place…

Sounds like a sci-fi movie, or a 1950’s comic book ad for x-ray glasses.

 I love the copy on this ad: “See through everyone’s bullshit instantly!” I’m pretty sure my brother and I ordered something like this when we were kids 🙂

Bullshit aside, the vibrational lens is an amazing tool. 

When you have access to the vibration of things,  you can make tiny changes at the energetic level, and get remarkable results in your reality. 

This is true for every vibration, and true for every part  of your reality.

Don’t worry about having to learn to see waves of energy or auras or anything like that. We don’t ask you to actually “see” vibration. 

It’s a metaphor!

 In our world, vibration is a level of experience that we have to intuit rather than access with our senses.

 I’ve never “seen” energy visually, but I’m a master at intuiting vibration. You can be, too.

At The Emotional Center, we teach you to become aware and mindful of your vibrations, how to  access these vibrations, and how to make vibrational changes that filter up and create concrete, real-life results.

So yes, we use the vibrational lens to look at the vibration of anything and everything: ourselves, our thoughts and feelings, our beliefs, our relationships, all kinds of situations, everything.

 Including stress.

You, me, and everyone else we know experiences stress at some level. 

It’s part of life, and getting to be a bigger part of life all the time. 

Increasing levels of modern stress gets a lot of attention in health and wellness circles, and deservedly so.  

There’s a whole subset of the health/wellness  industry devoted to minimizing and managing stress.

In this blog post, we’re going to show you something a little different: how to make changes at the vibrational levels to reduce stress.

It’s easy and effective, and the results are long-lasting.

It’s almost impossible to cultivate a mindset of abundance if you’re ignoring how much emotional time you spend feeling stressed and anxious.

The key to making vibrational changes that will dramatically reduce stress is to understand the role emotions play and how they work. 

We have a fresh perspective on that.

Emotions and Vibrations

Here at The Emotional Center, we view and experience emotions in a very special way.

Our feelings are made of energy and matter, and they’re just slightly more dense than what vibrations are.

We can actually “feel” emotions in our bodies, because they have a bit more reality to them.

Even so, out of everything in our reality, our emotions are the closest energy we have to our vibrations.

We use our vibrational lens to focus in on emotions and see the vibrations underneath them.

When we use a feeling word like “sadness,” for example, we understand that “sadness” is both a feeling AND a vibration.

 The emotion of sadness has a unique, underlying vibrational footprint

Every human emotion has a distinct vibration, different than all the others.

Stress is defined as “a specific response by the body to a stimulus, as fear or pain, that disturbs or interferes with the normal physiological equilibrium of an organism,” and “physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension.”

Before we look at the vibrations, first let’s get a better understanding of the kinds of stress symptoms that cause us problems. 

Then we’ll look at stress through the vibrational lens, and talk about 3 unique ways to ease stress.

Where does stress come from, really?

Stress is a very human, understandable response to uncomfortable, unhappy or problematic situations that don’t seem to change or get better.

You’ll understand this more as you read through this material, but when energy doesn’t flow (the way all energy wants to do) we become very uncomfortable.

 We feel stuck, trapped, unsatisfied, unhappy. If those feelings don’t get a chance to change, or if they just get worse, we start to experience “stress.”

If we wait around for these situations to change so that we can feel better, we’ll be waiting a long time.

 It’s much easier and faster to understand the vibrational nature of stress (energy not flowing) and approach it from that angle.

Physical Stress

Stress exists at four levels: the vibrational level, the emotional and mental levels, and the physical level.

Energy can stop flowing and changing on all these levels.

When stress is unaddressed on the emotional/mental level, it will eventually express itself on the physical level as physical health issues. 

Cortisol (called the “stress hormone”) bridges the gaps between our emotional, mental and physical health.

Most of us are acclimated to a certain level of stress. 

We’ve gotten used to many of the emotional, mental and physical symptoms of energy not moving, and may not recognize the indications that our stress levels are too high or are increasing.

Sometimes it takes intense and dramatic symptoms such as panic attacks, anxiety attacks, or signs of depression to make us aware of our high stress levels. 

These symptoms aren’t just in your head. 

You’re experiencing something real.

These are reactions to uncomfortable feelings that don’t know how to flow or change.

We’re getting better and better at diagnosing, measuring and treating physical stress symptoms.

 Here’s a short list of some natural remedies to deal with mild stress at the physical level:

  • Reducing cortisol is a common emphasis of stress management programs and stress relief techniques.
  • Increased amounts of exercise
  • Massage
  • Limiting caffeine
  • If physical symptoms become unmanageable, medication may be helpful.

People almost always underestimate how much stress they are experiencing. 

Many people don’t like to reach out for help, and make do with stress relief tips, stress relief techniques, and stress relief products (stress balls, that kind of thing.)

At The Emotional Center, we recognize that reducing physical stress symptoms can feel like a band-aid solution, because you’re treating only the very shallowest surface levels of the issue.

 Relief seems minimal, and temporary if you aren’t also addressing the fundamental problem of energy that isn’t flowing.

Here’s some good news: even if you’re underestimating how much stress you’re experiencing, and even if you’re reluctant to reach out for professional help, there’s something more you can do to help yourself.

 It involves using your vibrational lens to get energy flowing.

(By the way, we always encourage you to reach out for professional help! Use all the resources available.)

In a nutshell, regardless of what you’re currently doing to reduce your stress, it’s essential to address the underlying vibrations if you want to support long-term changes. 

Any changes are hard to maintain without the accompanying vibrational shifts.

Energy always comes first.

What does YOUR stress feel like? 

What are the actual sensations of it?

I wonder if your experience of stress is similar to mine. 

As a sensation, stress seems to show up in my stomach as kind of a restless, upset feeling. 

If I don’t ‘catch’ it there, stress will eventually show up as tension in the muscles of my back, shoulders, and neck. 

If I let it go much longer, headaches start to happen.

Sometimes the symptoms of being stressed out can be easy to ignore or get used to, because they are  not “threat level midnight.” (My daughter will love that I’m making an Office reference)

For lists of physical symptoms that you may be ignoring or mistaking for something else, click here or here.

Remember that energy comes first!

 If we’re experiencing physical stress symptoms, it means that we’ve likely been experiencing emotional and mental stress for some time. 

And it’s all a reflection of the essential energy not flowing the way it’s meant to.

Mental Stress

Mental stress is often defined as the combination of emotional and physiological stress. 

At The Emotional Center, we look at it a little differently.

When you perceive that you’re stuck in a situation or relationship or condition that isn’t changing, our stress produces hamster-wheel-like thinking.

 People under stress often have negative thoughts that spin and spin around.

Mental stress manifests as  repetitive, circular thinking, because our brains go into over-drive trying to figure things out.

You may find yourself playing out problematic conversations, imagining uncomfortable or even scary scenarios, worrying about the future and fretting over the past. 

This kind of thinking is both a symptom of and contributes to higher stress levels.

Sometimes it’s difficult to focus, as your attention becomes scattered and fractured. 

Racing thoughts can make it difficult to sleep.

Some people live with this kind of mental stress, without the awareness that it needn’t be that way. 

When energy is flowing, our over-revved thoughts become more calm, more quiet, more clear.

Traditional mindfulness techniques, such as  Guided meditations are a common remedy and treatment for mental stress.

However (as with the physical symptoms of stress) it helps reduces mental stress even more to deal with the vibrations beneath and get the energy moving. 

Keep on reading, we’ll show you what we mean.

Emotional Stress

To really understand emotional stress, we need to understand how emotions work and what they mean.

 One of the most valuable tools we’ve found is the Emotional Scale, which ranks emotions according to their vibration – how heavy or light they are, how negative or positive they feel.

One of the most important things to understand about emotions and vibrations is this: they are meant to flow and change. 

We’re not meant to feel “stuck” in any kind of emotion or vibration, but when that happens, we experience stress.

Everything we do at The Emotional Center revolves around understanding vibrations.

You can download a copy of The Emotional Vibrational Scale for our previous blog post, “The 5 Best Ways To Attain Your Relationship Goals in 2018“, and have a look at the range of emotions.

Vibrationally, stress is positioned somewhere around worry and negative expectations. 

You may experience it a little lower or higher, but for sure, stress lives in that general area of the emotional scale.

It’s in the bottom half of the emotional scale, which means it’s uncomfortable and feels bad, which is exactly right!

 It’s not supposed to feel good to be stuck in a negative vibration.

It’s true that stress is a response to an unchanging negative situation, but that’s seeing only half of the equation.

More accurately, vibration and reality are in a feedback loop with each other. In the example of stress, it looks something like this:

  • we perceive a feeling or situation that isn’t changing, we feel stressed, then…
  • we experience more situations in our reality that seem to create stress…
  • then we react to those stressful situations by feeling more ..
  • then we experience more stressful situations in our reality…
  • then our stressful feelings really start to ramp up…
  • … and on and on, into infinity and beyond (to quote Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story)

It’s important to note that the feedback loop always amplifies if we’re not aware of what’s going on. 

It’s designed to do that, to get our attention.

Our part of the feedback loop is the vibration part. 

There’s a lot we can do to get our energy moving. 

When we make small positive changes in that part of the equation, our reality will respond accordingly, with positive changes.

And remember, our reality contains our thoughts, our beliefs, our relationships, our work, our play, our everything.

Seems pretty efficient, doesn’t it??

 Deliberately change one thing (get energy and vibration moving) and benefit from results in a whole bunch of things (thoughts, beliefs, relationships, work, play, etc.) Nice!

3 Unique Ways to Ease Stress (by getting energy moving)


 We’ve laid the groundwork, and now we can get down to the vibrational level. 

Here’s 3 unique ways to ease your stress.

  1. Make peace with your emotions. Download our pdf version of the Emotional Scale, and check in with yourself 4-5 times a day. Each check-in should only take a minute or less.

The reason you want to do this is: awareness and acceptance helps energy move.

 It seems counter-intuitive, we know. 

Our brains think, “If I make peace with this (stress, sadness, frustration, whatever) it will never change!”

Our poor brains just don’t understand the transformative nature of acceptance, and how this is one incredibly effective way to start things changing.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Look at the emotional scale, and pick the vibration that most describes you in that moment.
  • Notice where it is on the scale.
  • Focus on the inside of your torso, where it’s warm and soft. Even if you can’t feel it, you can imagine it.
  • Take a couple gentle breaths, and make peace with whatever you’re feeling. Even if you feel numb, or feel nothing, or feel the same way (bored? tired? frustrated?) over and over again. Make peace. Allow and accept.
  • Remind yourself that every feeling, in every moment, has a unique vibrational footprint. Intend that this energy becomes soft, soft enough to flow and change.
  1. Take a 30-second vacation from your reality, not even kidding. Can you shift your attention and focus away from your thoughts and your outer world, towards your inner sensations, for just 30 seconds? Even this tiny effort will get your energy moving.

You’d be surprised at how many people read about doing it, think about doing it, imagine themselves doing it, but don’t ever do it!

Stop reading, right now, and give yourself a 30-second vacation.

 Focus on your inner sensations, and no judging allowed.

  • Is there warmth? coolness?
  • Is there tingling? trembling?
  • Is there constriction? or softness?

Experiencing yourself in this way, even for 30 seconds, has a soothing, anti-stress effect. 

It softens your energy, and vibrations begin to flow. 

You may not be able to feel it in the moment, but the practice will pick up momentum and soon you’ll experience relief.

 Try it, you’ll see.

  1. Sign up for our free 5-Day Vibrational Habit Builder. Click the button below. It’s a sweet and easy way to bring more and more awareness to how you’re feeling, in the moment – thus keeping the energy flowing. It’s a strong antidote to stuck, stressed energy.

We get super-positive feedback on the Habit Builder. You can do the 5 days over and over again, and get momentum and flow going.

Keeping it light –

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