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We look at things a lot differently at The Emotional Center.  Living your life with happiness, joy and passion is not about setting more goals, taking more classes, repeating affirmations,  leaving jobs, relationships or the even the country.

 We see you through the lens of vibration and energy – your true nature. We teach you how to see yourself in the same incredible way. We’ll help you unblock your present situations, in areas of  relationships, health, finances or all of the above. The benefit of releasing stuck energy is this: it frees you to easily create and manifest the life you’ve dreamed of. Our approach is fast, easy and life changing!  

Understand and embrace your true power – your vibrational self.

Personal Expansion & Professional Certification

Whether you want to learn to use these powerful principles and techniques for yourself in your own life or in your practice with your clients, we offer online programs to help you get started.

The 5 Day Emotional Habit Builder

The 5-Day Emotional Habit builder is perfect for those who are looking for immediate emotional relief from their current state or circumstance. Over the course of 5 days, we’ll show you some simple and practical techniques to help you develop a habit of allowing your energy to flow more freely into better-feeling emotions.

Donna's Story

A successful entrepreneur for 30 years, Donna has been coaching and counseling people all over the world on the connection between emotions and vibrations for the last 10 years. She helped design the certification programs, and has “taught the teachers” – and countless others – how to use their emotions and vibrations to manifest their best life.  Almost all of Donna’s teachings revolve around developing an understanding of “The Emotional Vibrational Scale.” She teaches her students to claim their human birthright and use their own powerful vibrations to guide them, and to help them create what they want more of. Donna has taught many people to flow their own energy in a very simple and profound way, and to create and manifest from that place of flow.

“When we understand how emotions work vibrationally, and that there is a set of patterns and principles,   we can start  feeling better easily and quickly. As well, we can get to that better-feeling place without having to depend on outside influences.” Donna likes to see people supporting themselves through life’s contrasts, and goes on to say, “We’re always going to have contrasts in life, so it’s key to have the skills and tools to help manage those times.” Beyond simply feeling better and better, Donna loves to see people thrive in ways they hadn’t thought possible.

What Our Students Say

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